16 October 2018

I disobeyed my parents to please my friends

When Sindiswa was in high school, she disobeyed her parents, did everything to please her friends and went out most nights.  She lied to her parents about her whereabouts, drank alcohol, smoked hubbly bubbly and didn't do her homework.

"I started drinking alcohol, smoking hubbly bubbly and going out to night clubs with my friends. I always lied to my parents about my whereabouts. My busy lifestyle left me with no time to do my homework. I also backchatted my parents and they were not pleased about my bad behaviour," she said.

She started attending the services at the Universal Church last year, but was not committed to God and continued living her wild life. Failing matric was the wakeup call for Sindiswa to commit to God.

"Repeating the grade alone while all the friends I drank and went out with had passed broke my heart. I felt discouraged about life and took pain killers to overdose on them. I was unconscious and was found by the person who introduced me to the church. I was rushed to the hospital where I stayed for a week because my body was weak.   After I was discharged from hospital, I continued attending the services and committed my life to God

I left my old friends and was encouraged to re-write my matric this year and passed. I’m a now a disciplined child who respects her parents and no longer goes out at night," said Sindiswe.