19 February 2018

I disregarded my mother's teachings

Only after Mandisa's mother chased her away from home did she see the need to give up her wild life of drinking and smoking.

"I became rebellious at home when I was in college. I drank alcohol and smoked and also dated older guys. I sometimes didn't sleep at home. I lied to my mother and told her I was going to sleep over at a friend's while I slept at a boyfriend's place. At some point, I did not go home for three days and that was when my mother became so angry that she chased me out.

I stayed with my friend and called my step-father to speak to my mother on my behalf. She only allowed me back on one condition, that I would change my ways. On the day I returned home, I saw the pain in my mother's eyes and realised how much I had hurt her," she said. 

In 2014, Mandisa started coming to the Universal Church with her older sister who was already a member.

"I came to the church because I wanted to be the kind of child my mother would be proud of. I attended the Youth Group meetings where I learnt how to conduct myself as a young lady.

I stopped smoking, drinking and sleeping around after I understood that my body was a temple of God. My old friends stopped coming to look for me at home because they hardly found me, since I spent most of my time at church. I set time aside to be with my family and built a relationship that I never had before with my parents and my siblings. It took almost a year for my mother to trust me again.

Reading the Bible and spiritual books of the church helped me mature in my spiritual life and taught me to live a life that pleases God," she said.

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