08 January 2018

I endured the abuse because I had nowhere to go

After Simangaliso and her partner lost their first jobs in Johannesburg, he started abusing her physically and emotionally.

"We both worked for the same family when we came to Johannesburg. After less than a year our employers told us that they no longer needed our services. My partner changed. He was easily angered and became violent towards me. He often threatened to throw me out of the room we rented. He beat me up whenever we had an argument. I endured the abuse because I had no relatives around and no money to go back home. One morning he locked me out of the room and went back home.

 One of the ladies I knew hid me in her employer's back room where she lived. I had to cover my mouth with a pillow whenever I wanted to cough because her employers could not know I was there," she said.

A week later Simangaliso's partner returned and begged her to come back to him.

"I went back because I was tired of hiding in that back room. The abuse continued but I stayed because I wanted to have a roof over my head. Someone I knew suggested that I go to the Universal Church. After attending the first service, the pastor explained the chain of prayers. I came to the church every day because I was unemployed. My partner chased me out of his room because he hated the Universal Church.

That did not discourage me as I continued coming to the church and I found a job as a stay-in nanny and had accommodation. I had peace because I was no longer subjected to abuse," she said.

After two years in the church Simangaliso found another job and moved into her own place.

"Giving my life to God gave me the financial freedom and peace I did not have. I now understand that the presence of God brings liberty. I have peace inside and can take good care of myself," she said.