01 March 2018

I slept on the dining room floor

For 25 years, Alice remained in a loveless marriage with a husband who cheated on her and refused to provide for her.

She was 18 years old when she married her husband.

"My husband continued dating other women even after we were married. He was not bothered by how I felt about his infidelities. My mother-in-law was the only person who could get through to him. After she passed away, things went from bad to worse in my marriage when my husband stopped providing for me and our three children. I knew I had to find a job in order to take care of our financial needs or my children and I would starve," said Alice.

Her husband continued cheating on Alice until she decided to move back to her parents' house.

"I left with my youngest child who was 10 years old, while my other two children, who were over 18, remained with him," she said.

Returning back home was not a good move for Alice who felt she was not welcome by her siblings.

"I slept on the dining room floor while my siblings occupied the bedrooms. I felt disrespected and unwanted by my family. I was also bitter towards my husband for the pain he caused me. I felt no one understood my pain. I later moved out and rented a room," she said.

Alice's landlady was a member of the Universal Church who often gave her the church's newspapers.

"I was irritated whenever my landlady gave me the newspapers. I never read them as I said I was there to rent a room and not to join her church. One Saturday afternoon I was bored, so I took one of the newspapers and read it. I found a testimony that I could relate to. After reading it, I went to the main house and asked my landlady not to leave me behind when she went to the church. During the service, I felt like the bishop knew my situation. I cried tears of joy that day and felt like someone finally understood me.

I opened my heart and asked God to help me let go of my painful past. As I continued coming to the church, I was able to forgive my husband for all the hurt he caused me. I am now on speaking terms with him, something we could not do before. I also forgave my siblings who did not give me the support I needed. My two elder children are now working and have their own lives. Giving my life to God gave me the love and peace I did not have for many years," she said.  

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