02 August 2018

I survived five stab wounds

Unable to secure a job for six years after he completed his matric, Themba believed that he was cursed. He became involved in criminal activities to earn quick money.

He was hired as a petrol attendant, but his life did not change because the money he earned was too little to support himself. In order to make more money, Themba decided to rob people on the streets of their belongings.

"One evening I went to a street corner that was dark to wait for victims that I was going to rob. The first man I stopped was drunk and had nothing valuable.

I went to another street and waited there. Little did I know that I was setting myself up for trouble.  I was approached by four men. They asked me for cigarettes, but I did not have any. One of them took out a knife and stabbed me five times in different parts of my upper body, including the neck, shoulder, armpit and hand. I bled so much that I lost consciousness and woke up in hospital the next day.

That was when I realised that crime was not the solution to my financial problems. I promised myself that I would not rob anyone again," said Themba.

He continued working as a petrol attendant.  A year later, he became ill.

"I had severe stomach pains and short breath. The doctor told me I had a lung infection and I was admitted to hospital for two months. That again put me under financial strain because I needed money for medication. While I was in hospital the assistants of the Universal Church visited and offered me a prayer. I started attending the church services at the Universal Church after I was discharged from hospital.

I attended services on Tuesdays to ask God to heal me and on Mondays for a blessed financial life. As I continued attending church services I noticed that all the health complications I had were disappearing, one by one. I no longer had stomach pains or short breath. I also found a well-paid job and my life improved.

I found my own place to stay. I was able to save some money and later married Glenda in the church after we dated for a year. I now own two cars, a Renault Clio and a Nissan NP300 hardbody. The presence of God in my life set me free from financial bondage and sickness. I am now enjoying a blessed life," said Themba.

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