07 February 2018

I was easily angered

Anger and a short temper ruled Nellie's life for many years.  Her behaviour made her a loner because everybody distanced themselves from her.

"I was an angry person who was also easily irritated. I lacked inner peace and I didn’t know where my anger came from. I always yelled at my husband for no reason. I showed him little or no respect and because of that he sometimes avoided talking to me. My colleagues also avoided being in my presence because I wanted things done my way, and if that didn’t happen I would be upset and shout at them. My children were terrified of me because I was not approachable and was often mean. They could not speak to me as their mother because of my temper. I became very lonely because no one wanted to be around me. My temper also affected my health as I developed headaches and chest pains," she said.

In 2004 Nellie was invited to the Universal Church by her neighbour.

"I came because my loneliness was beginning to haunt me and the health challenges were worrying. I spoke to a pastor who told me about the different chains of prayers. I then started attending the Friday services and asked God deliver me from anger and my short temper. I came on Tuesdays for healing from headaches and chest pains.

As I continued coming and applying the teachings of faith in my life, my behaviour gradually changed. I learned how to take control of my emotions and be a respectful wife to my husband. I also understood the importance of keeping relationships and I started working on my relationships with my children and my colleagues. My children stopped avoiding me and started spending time with me. My husband enjoys being with me and my days of loneliness are a thing of the past. Even at work I started enjoying my colleagues’ company. The headaches and chest pains also disappeared altogether.  I am now patient with other people and respectful of those around me," said Nellie.

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