10 October 2018

I was ruled by anger

"After five years of serving as an assistant in the Universal Church, I realised my short temper and unforgiving heart were hindrances because I could not freely reach out to other people.

I took everything personally in the church and at work. As a result, I was always angry with most of the assistants in the church and with my colleagues at work. I would go for about three months without talking to the person who offended me.

My character held me in bondage and my life was not progressing, even though I served God. At a service I understood that I did not have the character of God. I took part in the chain of prayers on Wednesdays and asked God to give me a forgiving heart because my character was holding me back from doing the work of God.

Three months later I realised that I was friendlier and did not get angry so often. My temper changed and I lived peacefully with everyone around me. I was able to serve God freely without being emotional for no reason," said Mathebe.

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