11 October 2018

I was Suicidal after a divorce

Steward saw suicide as the only way to escape his miserable life after his marriage of seven years ended in divorce.

"I was devastated when my wife divorced me and left our two children behind because I always thought our marital problems were going to end in time. I could not imagine my life without my wife. My mother-in-law took our two sons, who were six and five at that time, because I could not cope with the situation," he said.

Unable to deal with the divorce, Steward changed jobs three times in less than two years.

"My ex-wife had a way of finding me and demanding money each time I had a new job. I would then leave that job to avoid seeing her. That however did not help me as the divorce continued haunting me," said Steward.

One day Steward decided to end his life by throwing himself onto a railway line. He asked for permission to leave work early on that day.

"I went straight to Park Station where I intended to throw myself in front of a moving train. The ground started shaking because the train was approaching. I became afraid and ran away. On that day I met my old friend who invited me to the Universal Church. Seeing how his life changed, I attended the services with him.

I was delivered from suicidal thoughts on the first day I attended the service. I started embracing life and I was married in the church 10 years later. I am now enjoying my marriage because I put God first, " said Steward.

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