03 July 2018

Kidnapped and abused for six months

Unable to cope with the trauma of the sexual and physical abuse she suffered when she was kidnapped for six months, Judith became suicidal.

Her twins were a year old while the other two children were older, when she was kidnapped by a dangerous group that terrorized and intimidated her area.

"My family knew where I was but could not rescue me, because entering the area was very dangerous for them. During my six months in their hideout, their leader slept with me whenever he felt like it and I could not refuse because I would be killed. He sometimes took out his anger on me and beat me up when things were not going well with his men. We were rescued when one of his men handed himself over to the authorities and volunteered to lead them to where we were held captive," she said.

Judith couldn’t wait to be reunited with her husband and children. To her surprise and dismay, she found her husband living with another woman.

"He asked me to allow him to take a second wife, but I wouldn't hear of it, so moved to my cousin's place. It was a painful period in my life because I was still struggling to deal with the trauma of being abducted and abused. My in-laws had taken my children and my freedom was limited because I always feared being noticed and killed by the members of the dangerous gang. I could not move freely in my own neighbourhood.

Unable to deal with the ordeal, Judith left to join her parents in South Africa.

"A year later I asked my husband to allow the twins to visit me in South Africa and I never sent them back. My parents supported me and the children. I was so bitter and confused that I contemplated suicide. I made a mixture of poisonous chemicals that I intended to drink and end my life. One of my twins asked for a sip of the mixture and that made me decide not to continue with my suicide plan," she said.

In 1995, Judith was invited to the UCKG by her younger sister, a member of the church.

"I came to the church daily and took part in the chain of prayers. My two older children later came to live with me because they were not happy with their step-mother. I found a job at a bar, which I later left because it went against my spiritual beliefs. I then found another job in the house of God.  God restored my life, gave me peace and healed the deep scars of abuse in the army camp," she said.

All Judith's children have good jobs and two of them are now married.

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