06 December 2018

Letting go of grudges and bitterness

Discovering who her real mother was at the age of 12, left Magdeline feeling rejected and unloved.

"I grew up thinking that my grandparents were my parents. I found out about my biological mother from my cousins. They used to talk about it, but at first I did not believe them. As they kept on talking about it, it started to bother me. I asked my grandmother who confirmed that the woman I thought was my sister, was actually my mother. I was sad and believed that my mother did not love me because she had two children who were living with her," said Magdeline.

She was angry and did not want anything to do with her mother.

"My grandparents passed away when I was in high school. I felt alone because they were the only people who took care of me. My grandfather passed away when I was doing grade ten, then my grandmother followed when I was in matric. My mother wanted to take care of me, but I refused because I was still angry with her. I decided to drop out of school to look for a job," she said.

She moved to Johannesburg with her friend to find employment.

"I stayed with my friend and her boyfriend because I did not have my own place. After three months, I found a temporary job, but my salary was too small for me to move to my own place," said Magdeline.

One day she walked past the Universal Church in Tembisa and the pastor invited her in for prayer.

"I took part in the Chain of Prayer on Mondays for my finances to improve. After two months I found a job and I was able to move to my own place and take care of my needs. As I continued attending services, I understood that forgiveness was very important. I realised that I needed to forgive my mother. At the Wednesday services I prayed for my spiritual growth and asked God to give me a forgiving heart. I was able to forgive my mother and we now have a good relationship. We communicate and I sometimes visit her," said Magdeline.

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