01 August 2018

Lived on the wild side of life

"I started attending the services at the Universal Church when I was eight years old and moved from the Children’s Biblical Centre to the Youth Power Group, but I never committed my life to God. As a result, from the age of 19, I slowly drifted away from the teachings of the church and went to parties with friends.

I sometimes drank alcohol and I disrespected my older sister with whom I lived while my mother worked in Johannesburg.  I refused to be corrected by her and told her she was not my mother to tell me what to do.

I continued attending the church services so that my older sister could see me there, but spiritually I was far from God. I always justified my wrong actions and told myself that I was doing well at my level and she was too spiritual to understand me.

She became tired of my bad behaviour and told my mother everything.

For three years I lived a double life. However, as time went on, the truth I knew started haunting me and gave me no peace, yet I didn’t have enough courage to give up my wild lifestyle. My mother reported me to a pastor who then asked to meet me. I remember one afternoon I invited God into my life.

Two weeks later, I met with the pastor and he encouraged me to repent from my wicked ways and commit my life to God. That was a sign for me that God had heard my prayer and He wanted to give me what I asked for.

I stopped going out at night and I apologised to my sister for my bad behaviour. My relationship with God strengthened and I became a responsible young lady. I grew close to my sister because she was spiritually more mature and could assist me. I later found a job and now lead a blessed life. The life I led was an experiment I needed at that time, but it later took away my peace.

Giving my life to God changed me into a responsible young lady. The word of God set me free from the bondage of living a double life. My encounter with God is the assurance of my salvation," she said.  

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