09 July 2018

Living with the consequences of my choices

"What I used as a coping mechanism during my exams when I was doing grade 11 turned into an addiction that made me a disrespectful girl. My friends told me that smoking dagga was going to calm me down and make it easy for me to remember everything I studied.

It became a daily habit that I couldn't stop. I became unruly and disrespected the teachers at school.  I was expelled from school that year.

My parents were very disappointed to hear that I had been expelled for smoking dagga and being disrespectful because I was a quiet child at home. The disappointment on their faces was unbearable.

That was the loneliest time of my life and all the friends I had at school were nowhere to be found. I regretted my actions, but it was too late. That loneliness compelled me to seek help at the Universal Church because my grandmother always spoke well about the church. I attended services on Fridays and asked God to deliver me from dagga-smoking.  I committed my life to Him and asked Him to change my character. I was able to regain my parents’ trust because they saw how dedicated I was towards the things of God.

I was encouraged to complete my studies. I registered with ABET and am now doing my matric. I’m now in tune with God as I continue to grow spiritually. I always make time to read the Bible and I live to please God," said Mami. 

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