02 October 2017

Men provided me with alcohol

Unable to resist peer pressure, Boitumelo started drinking alcohol, dating many men and disrespecting her mother from the age of 16. She eventually dropped out of school in grade 11 and left home because she didn't want to be told how to live her life. 

"I became an unruly child when I was in grade 10. I went to parties with friends where I met men who bought me alcohol. Getting attention from different men made me feel beautiful and wanted. When my mother tried to correct me, I yelled at her and answered back. I eventually dropped out of school in grade 11 because of my lifestyle. I left home and moved in with my cousin who had her own place. I asked her not to tell my mother that I was with her. I had all the freedom I wanted and didn’t care how my mother felt about me being missing. I decided to go back home after spending six weeks away. My mother had mixed emotions when she saw me walking through the gate. She was happy to see me and angry at the same time because I did not do anything to contact them when I was away. I was pale and had lost a lot of weight because I was always on the road drinking alcohol and forgetting to even eat," she said.

That same week Boitumelo was invited to the Universal Church by her mother.

"I honoured the invitation because I was tired of living like a wild animal and I had grown weary of hurting and disappointing my mother. I attended Wednesday services for my spiritual life to develop and Friday services for deliverance from alcohol. To resist the temptation of going out with friends, I started ignoring their calls and opted to read the Bible often. I also broke off the relationships I had with many men. It took me two months to let go of all those bad habits, including drinking. I now respect my mother and she is proud of the responsible young adult I have become. I am now investing in building a strong relationship with God," she said.