22 January 2019

My faith afforded me the finer things in life

Nomasomi worked hard and committed her life to God to escape from poverty after she watched her mother battle to raise her and three siblings.

"I was still in primary school when I started attending the Universal Church with my mother. Life was uphill for us because my mother provided for us through part-time jobs. My sisters and I had to use each other’s clothes and sometimes took turns to wear the school shoes as four of us depended on a single pair.

We sometimes didn't have food to eat and had to ask from neighbours.  After completing matric I knew I was not going to have money to further my studies. I worked at a restaurant where I cleaned windows.  I was embarrassed about the job and I always hid myself when I saw people I knew: however I needed the money. I later found another job that enabled me to further my studies. I studied until I obtained my masters in supply chain management.

This year I have been offered a senior position at one of the largest companies in the country. My faith in God has taken me from poverty to affording the finer things in life. I now live in abundance because I trusted and believed in God," she said.

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