02 May 2019

My home was my NIGHTMARE

"Physical and verbal abuse were part of life at home. I witnessed my mother being constantly beaten by my father. I was seven years old when my father started this abuse.

I felt helpless for not being able to help my mother and lived in fear. My father’s violent behaviour turned me into a bitter and angry child. Going back home after school was a nightmare because I did not want to see my mother crying.

My parents finally divorced when I was 13 years old and that was the most painful moment of my life.  My father stopped supporting me financially. My mother was a domestic worker and her salary was not enough to cover all our needs. She struggled to pay rent as well as buy food and clothes for me, even though I was the only child at home.

I could not concentrate at school and I failed grade 10. I felt like a failure and I wanted to kill myself to end my pain. At that time, I was already a member of the Universal Church, but I was not committed to God.

Repeating grade 10 was a wake up call for me. I knew that it was only God who could give me inner healing and peace. I started attending services on Wednesdays for inner healing and Fridays for my deliverance from suicidal thoughts.

I surrendered my life to God and trusted Him with my problems. I understood that I was born with a purpose and that helped me to become positive about life. I studied hard and in 2018, I passed matric with distinctions. I also invested in my spiritual development, by reading the Bible and praying often. I received inner healing and I was able to forgive my father for leaving us. I respect and appreciate my mother because she works hard to provide for me," said Ntediseng.

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