11 October 2018

My mother called me useless as my father

Being compared to her absent father drove Lebogang, a member of the Universal Church, to attempting suicide.

"I was raised by my mother after she separated from my father. My mother always likened me to my father each time I made a mistake. She always told me that I was as 'useless' as my father and those words stuck in my mind more than what I was taught in the church," she said.

When she was doing grade nine, Lebogang attempted to end her life by taking her mother’s high blood pressure medication.

"I was hoping to die in my sleep. Instead I woke up with nausea and that angered me because I wanted to die. In 2016, I attended the 'Say No To Suicide' youth event and that’s when I realised that my life was precious to God.

I approached my mother and told her how I felt when she compared me to my absent father. She apologised and never called me useless again. I also made peace with the absence of my father because I understood that God is my everything," said Lebogang.

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