19 July 2017

My mother's death hit me hard

Going through the pain of losing his mother and facing responsibility alone, Elton was left with no choice but to mend his relationship with God. “I was a toddler when my mother started attending services at the Universal Church, but I stopped coming when I got to high school because I thought that my mother was praying for me and I could manage without my own relationship with God. I also made new friends who did not live godly lives and we started going to night clubs, smoking dagga and drinking alcohol together. My mother did all she could to talk me into living a pleasing life before God, but I refused to listen,” said Elton.

A year after Elton left the church, his mother fell ill and passed away.

“My father lived in another province and he supported us financially. My mother’s passing hit me hard a year later when I realised that I had the responsibility of taking care of my brother and there was no one else among our relatives who was willing to help me. I missed my mother so much that I went clubbing and drinking, hoping that I was going to be able to forget about her,” he said.

Elton’s performance at university dropped and he failed his first year dismally because he no longer had time for his studies. “I drank to the point where I even neglected my brother who was 19 years at that time. However, I realised that I had no joy inside. There was a void inside me that not even alcohol could fill. My aunt, who was a member of the Universal Church, came to live with us. She bought me a Bible as a Christmas gift in 2010, and I read it every day before I went to bed.  In January, the following year, I realised I needed the presence of God to fill that void in me. I started coming to the church and asked God to heal me from the pain of losing my mother. I stopped drinking and smoking and developed my relationship with God. I was later baptised in water. I came to terms with my mother’s passing. My school work improved and I passed with good marks.  I understood that a minute spent in the presence of God was better than a lifetime spent elsewhere. I am happier and at peace now. My brother and I are in the same faith and attend services together,” said Elton.