17 July 2018

My sister saved my life

Believing that she was misunderstood by her family, Mpho decided to move in with her boyfriend.

“I suffered from severe headaches and no tablets helped to ease the pain. I was always tired and had no strength to do my house chores which caused tension between me and my family.

My mother complained and thought I was lazy. I became angry and bitter and always fought with them because I believed none of them wanted to understand my problem,” said Mpho.

After she completed matric, Mpho moved in with her boyfriend because she felt he was the only person who understood her. However, she carried her selfish behaviour into her relationship and fought with her boyfriend constantly.

"He was supportive even though I did not do my house chores and he never complained. My anger and bitterness caught up with me because I always fought with my boyfriend for no reason. I sometimes spent three days not talking to him. I continued behaving this way, even after we had two children," said Mpho.

In 2016 Mpho was invited by her sister to the Universal Church.

"I attended services with her because I could not find a reason to turn down her invitation. At a service I realised I had anger issues that I needed to deal with. I continued attending the services and committed my life to God. I lost all trace of the headaches and had the strength to do my house chores. As I applied the teachings of faith in my daily life, I understood that I needed to make peace with my family. We are now a loving and happy family.

 I also learnt that cohabiting was wrong and I moved back home. I was able to do my house chores without waiting for my mother and sisters to tell me. There are no fights any more in the house because I came back a changed person. God delivered me from anger and bitterness.

In 2017, I found a job and I was able to provide for my children. I still communicate with the father of my children and they visit him. Giving my life to please God brought peace in my life. My sister gave me the greatest gift of all by inviting me to the church where I received salvation," said Mpho.