05 July 2019

Nothing fulfilled me

Living away from home after completing matric, led Joe-Anne to lead a life she later regretted. After she completed matric, Joe-Anne moved to another city to study for a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting at a university. Her mother lost her job that year and relocated to live in a village in another province.

"I was awarded a bursary that paid for my study fees and accommodation and gave me a living allowance. I hardly saw my mother or received calls from her. I started believing that she did not care about me and I resented her. That was when I started drinking alcohol and dated two men at once. I thought my new lifestyle was going to keep me busy so that I did not think about my mother who did love me," said Joe-Anne.

In 2018, Joe-Anne was invited to the Universal Church by a roommate who was concerned about her lifestyle.

"I attended the Real Talk meetings of the Youth Power Group on Wednesdays and I understood that I could not serve two masters at once. I also understood that my bitterness towards my mother drove me to commit other sins. I surrendered my life to God and I ended my relationships with the two men I was dating. I stopped drinking alcohol because I wanted to please God with my life.

I understood that my mother could not call me because she did not have money and I started calling her. We now have a healthy relationship and I am investing time developing my spiritual life," said Joe-Anne.