11 January 2019

Orphaned, but motivated

"My life became a living hell after I lost my parents at the age of 12 and had to move in with my aunt. They passed on within months of each other and that was a double tragedy for me and my elder brother.

We were taken in by my aunt who lived with her husband and their two children. Her husband, however, was not pleased about us moving in with them. I could not ask for anything without him reminding me that he was not the one who killed my parents.  Being orphaned became part of our lives.  We did not have proper school uniforms and went to school without a lunch box. I worked hard and completed my matric.  I was awarded a bursary to study for a degree in education and relocated to Johannesburg.

I spent three days on the streets of Johannesburg before I was allocated student accommodation. I was invited to the Universal Church three years later. I attended services on Wednesdays and my spiritual life developed. I was able to forgive my uncle who always reminded me of the most painful thing I had experienced. We are now the best of friends. After completing my degree, I found a job as a lecturer at a college," said Mlungisi.