21 May 2019

Overcame deep scars of Abuse

Mbali was able to heal from the deep scars of abuse only after she committed to God. She did not have a good childhood as she lived with different relatives who abused her emotionally.

"I was three years old when my mother left me to be raised by my grandmother because she lived and worked in another province. My grandmother was old and had difficulty walking. My aunt, who also had her own children, lived with us and my grandmother sent her to do the shopping for the whole family.

My aunt helped only when she felt like it and sometimes she refused to go to town to withdraw the money sent by my mother. As a result I went to school without breakfast or lunch money while my cousins had food. I resented my aunt whom I believed enjoyed seeing me battling. School became the only place where I found happiness and was able to play with other children," said Mbali.

Mbali's mother found out about the ill-treatment she was suffering because of her aunt and moved her to another relative when she was eight years old.

"The abuse continued as my mother's relative took my new clothes and shared them among her children. She made me do household chores while her children were playing. After school, I had to push 80 litres of water in a wheelbarrow from the tap that was far from home," she said.

She was 12 years old when she finally moved in with her mother.

"I was so happy to have moved in with my mother but it was not long before I was almost sexually abused by another relative. He gave my two siblings alcohol to put them to sleep and told me that he was going to teach me how to please a man. He came towards me and my mother walked in when he was about to touch me. My mother did not notice and I did not tell her anything because our male relative had threatened me not to tell anyone," said Mbali.

In 2006, Mbali was invited to attend services at the Universal Church.

"I attended the services but I found it difficult to forgive my relatives who ill-treated me and the man who almost abused me sexually. At a Wednesday service the pastor spoke about the importance of forgiving in order to be forgiven by God and that was when I took a decision to put my painful past behind me and embrace new things in life. I am now at peace with myself and everyone around me," she said.