15 August 2018

Overcoming fear of darkness

 Pretty feared night time because she always had nightmares and heard strange voices.

"I sometimes feared that I was going to die in my sleep because I always dreamt of someone strangling me. I would wake up being unable to breathe whenever I had that dream. Some nights I would have nightmares and hear strange voices. That made it difficult for me to fall asleep at night. As a result, I would watch television till the early hours. That left me exhausted and tired for work the next day," said Pretty.

Her condition frustrated her so much that she was easily irritated and had anger outbursts towards other people.

"I lacked peace and held grudges against anyone who wronged me.  I also fought with my boyfriend for no reason. Unhappy about our love life, my boyfriend invited me to attend the church services with him in 2016. He assured me that my life was going to change because God was able to deliver me from my night time ordeal. Desperate for help, I attended the church services with him and later took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays for deliverance from the powers of darkness that were tormenting me at night.

Three months later, I was able to sleep peacefully without having nightmares and the fear of being strangled in my dreams. My body became strong because I had peaceful nights’ sleep. I became a loving person who was not easily irritated," said Pretty.

As she continued attending the church services, Pretty understood the importance of salvation and started building her relationship with God. "I started attending Sunday services for my spiritual development and surrendered my life to God. I realised that holding grudges was not good for my spiritual development and I decided to make peace with everyone around me. My love life changed as I no longer started petty arguments with my boyfriend. We are now ready to get married.

 The presence of God gave me the assurance of my salvation and I am no longer afraid of the night. I sleep peacefully and am grateful for my spiritual deliverance," said Pretty.