30 April 2019

Pain after pain

Lungile felt unable to deal with the loss of her mother and grandmother. She felt lonely and became angry towards her father who stopped providing for her.

"I was raised by my grandmother while my mother worked and lived in another province. My mother passed away after a short illness when I was in grade five. Even though I did not live with her, we had a great relationship. Her passing on left me feeling like a part of me had also died with her.

My father only provided school necessities for me. I did not have proper clothes nor eat the kind of food that I had when my mother was still alive. My grandmother started buying me clothes and toiletries, but I lived a life of lack and misery.  After my grandmother passed away, when I was doing first year at university, I was devastated. I started having constant headaches and slept a lot, hoping not to wake up. I lost interest in my studies and as a result I failed and the funding I received stopped," said Lungile.

In 2010, Lungile was invited to the Universal Church.

"I started attending services on Mondays for my finances and Wednesdays for my spiritual life to develop. At a service I understood that I did not need to be anxious about anything and needed to surrender my life to God. After few weeks in the church, I found peace with everything that happened and strength to live my life to the fullest. I made peace with my father before his passing. I have a well-paid job and the migraine headaches stopped," she said.

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