09 October 2018

Rebellious and disrespectful child I was

"Moving in with my grandmother and having to leave the Universal Church turned me into a rebellious and disrespectful child who refused to attend any church services with my grandmother.

"I refused to join my grandmother’s church because I was used to the teaching of the Universal Church where I went with my mother. I then became stubborn and short-tempered. I took offence at every joke and turned it into a big fight. I started drinking with my friends and dated many girls when I was in grade 10. Life took a bad turn for me when my parents separated a year later. My father refused to pay for my school fees at a private school. I then had to work at my uncle’s bakery when school closed in order to pay my school fees.

That change in my life reminded me to attend the services at a local Universal Church. I committed my life to God and asked Him to forgive me for the wrong choices I made. I stopped drinking and dating many girls. My character changed from that of a rebellious and stubborn boy to a young man who fears God.

I took part in the chain of prayers on Wednesdays and my spiritual life developed. I could not further my studies after I completed my matric in 2016. I continued attending the services and I was encouraged to use my gift of drawing, painting and designing. My artwork will soon be in an exhibition for public view. I was also reunited with my father after two years. He now calls me and takes care of me," said Pieth.