06 November 2018

Serving God out of her strength

Serving in the church does not define a relationship with God. Roseanne served God but did not believe in Him.

"I served God as an assistant in the church for four years, but I was not born of Him. I prayed and fasted but that did not bring results because I did not believe in God's character."

Roseanne said that she served God out of her own strength and as a result she left the church in 2010. Her suffering became worse when she lost her job and had to depend on grant money. She was unable to provide for her sick grandmother. She could not find a job because she was pregnant. The father of her child lost his job and was unable to make financial provision for them. In search of fulfilment Roseanne went to many places until she decided to pray and ask God for a sign on whether He existed.

"The pastor and the assistants I served with came to rescue me after a year of suffering. Coming back to God restored my life. After two months I was reinstated at work. God gave me a second chance and I was raised to serve God as an assistant," said Roseanne.

Roseanne said that coming back to God was the greatest gift she has ever given herself. She learnt how to believe in God and in herself. Roseanne got married in 2016 to a man that she had invited to the church. The couple have bought two cars and they live a fulfilled life.

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