31 January 2019

The anguish of losing a spouse

The grief of losing her husband after seven years and fear of raising three children alone were the most painful experiences for Lillian who was also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

"Our youngest child was eight months old and our two daughters were three and five years old at that time. My family could not travel from Johannesburg to the Eastern Cape for the funeral because they received the message at the eleventh hour. After the funeral, I had to stay with my in-laws for a month before I moved back to our house. That was when the reality started to hit me hard. I had sleepless nights and also feared being attacked at night. The thought of raising our three children alone gave me the fright of my life," said Lillian.

She consulted a doctor who diagnosed her with hypertension and anxiety.

"He put me on antidepressants and heavy tranquillisers for two months. He then decided that I should discontinue the treatment because of the strong drugs. My condition worsened after I stopped taking the treatment which included sleeping tablets. I felt lonely and sad all the time. I stayed awake throughout the night," said Lillian.

In 2007 Lillian was invited to the Universal Church and attended services because she wanted her life to change. She took part in the chains of prayer on Wednesdays for inner healing and Fridays for her spiritual deliverance.

"I surrendered my life to God and trusted Him with my life. Giving my life to God brought me relief and peace. He gave me strength to raise my children and provide for them. My son completed his matric and my two daughters are working. The Holy Spirit gave me the comfort I needed. I now sleep peacefully at night because my trust is in the Lord," said Lillian.

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