07 December 2018

The kind of faith that changed my life

Committing to the Campaign of Israel marked the end of Peter's misery and opened many other doors.

"When I was introduced to the Universal Church, I was haunted by the spirits of darkness that made me fearful of the night. For over five years I dreamt of snakes and would wake up with scars on my body. My performance at work was affected by my sleepless nights. As a result, my employer always threatened I would lose my job. On weekends I drank excessively to avoid bad dreams. At some point I got so drunk that I was involved in a car accident and my car was written off. I could not get another car because I had no insurance. I was also in debt because I spent most of my salary on alcohol.

I came to the church during the time of the Campaign of Israel. At the first service I attended, I was encouraged to put God to the test. I committed myself and that same week, I slept peacefully. Gradually the bad dreams disappeared. I started performing well at work. My spiritual life developed and I was later baptised with the Holy Spirit," he said.

The following year Peter met Lindiwe in the church and they dated.

"I wanted to live a God-pleasing life and that same year I married Lindiwe. Even though I worked for a good company and was paid well, I still battled financially. However, as I took advantage of the Campaign of Israel, my salary increased and I flourished financially. I paid off my debts and that same year I bought a two-bedroom flat. Unfortunately, after working for seven years, I was retrenched from work. Little did I know that it was a blessing in disguise.

That's when God gave me a vision to start my own construction company. I now have 20 employees and I managed to buy a bigger house for my family. I also own two vehicles, a micro-bus that I use for work and a Jeep Compass as a family car. I am spiritually matured, financially stable and have a happy marriage. God had blessed all corners of my life," said Peter.

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