09 October 2017

The man I loved pointed a gun at me

Tired of physical abuse, Busisiwe left her boyfriend of five years after he threatened to shoot her. At the time, her son was three years old and she did not have a place to stay. 

"My boyfriend was addicted to alcohol and was violent when he was drunk. He used to beat me up and swore at me in front of our son. I was afraid of him and wished he would not come back home," said Busisiwe.

She recalls one frightful day when her boyfriend pointed a gun at her.

"He came home drunk and fought with me. He pointed a gun at me and said that he wanted to kill me. My neighbours came to my rescue and wrestled with him until they were able to take the gun away from him. I escaped with my son and we stayed at a shelter for a month," she said.

Busisiwe was not working and could not afford to pay rent.

"I moved from one friend’s place to another because they got tired of taking care of me and my child. I could not buy my son clothes or take him to crèche. We sometimes slept on empty stomachs when my friends refused to give us food," she said.

In 2007 she was invited to the Universal Church and accepted the invitation because she was desperate for a change. She took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays to pray for her finances and on Wednesdays for her spiritual life to develop.

"I found a job as a domestic worker, but I knew I deserved better than that. I continued with my chain of prayer. I then got the idea of teaching adults and people from other countries English at home. I started making enough to afford to rent a decent place for myself and my son. Now I can take good care of us both. My relationship with God grew stronger as I learned to trust Him with my life. God gave me a forgiving heart and I was able to forgive my ex-boyfriend and let go of the past. I now have peace of mind and lead a prosperous life," said Busisiwe.