06 March 2019

Unloved and depressed

Taking on the responsibility of parents for three siblings from the age of 10 made Emma feel unloved and rejected.

"My parents spent most of their time drinking in different taverns. When they got back home, they fought and we had to run for help from neighbours who sometimes called the police. I felt ashamed of my family situation and my parents' behaviour made me resent and hate them," said Emma.

Emma was almost sexually abused by a close relative when she was 16 years old.

"The following day I told my teacher how my attacker tried to sexually abuse me She referred me to a social worker and I was moved to a place of safety where I stayed for two years and six months. I was also diagnosed with mild depression and had counselling three times a week," she said.

Emma was invited to the Universal Church by a classmate in 2010.

"I attended services on Wednesdays and I was taught about the importance of forgiveness. I was able to let go of my anger. Forgiving my parents brought peace and delivered me from depression. I now live a peaceful life in the presence of God," said Emma.