19 September 2018

Wild and unruly at 16

Phindile led a wild life of drinking alcohol, going to parties and dating from the age of 16. She lied to her parents in order to get the money to finance her wild lifestyle.

"I lied about school trips that were not there in order to get money to buy alcohol and told them I was sleeping over at a friend’s home to study while I went to parties with friends. I also dated a DJ and I did not miss his gigs on Friday nights. I disrespected my mother and refused to do my house chores," she said.

Phindile battled to balance her wild life and studies and she eventually failed grade 10. That same year, her mother found out about Phindile's wild life of alcohol, parties and dating.

"My sister went to the same school as my boyfriend and she told mother everything I did with my boyfriend. My mother was so angry with me that she cried. She told me she was not going to buy me clothes and pay for my school fees. Seeing my mother shedding tears over my bad behaviour broke my heart and made me realise I hurt her," said Phindile.

She started attending services at the Universal Church in 2015.

"I attended the services because I wanted to change my life and regain my mother's trust.  My determination to change encouraged me to apply the word of God. I was able to stop drinking a month later. I also ended my relationship with my boyfriend. My friends became bored with the church things I shared with them and they left me. I spent my time at home doing my house chores and homework.  My performance improved and I was able to pass my matric. Seeing a change in me, my mother started buying me new clothes and provided for me financially like she used to do before," said Phindile

Phindile enrolled for a one-year course in management and is now on a learnership.

"Being faithful to God was what I needed in order to become a faithful child at home. At a youth meeting I learnt that God was the source of perfect joy and I live to please Him now," she said.