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Growing up without his mother, Mohau felt unloved and lonely. He eventually turned to alcohol for comfort.
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Nokuthokoza became discouraged and lost hope of following her career when she battled to secure a job after she graduated with a degree in social work.
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Trying to please her friends, Mami smoked cigarettes and dagga from the age of 16 while she continued attending the services at the Universal Church with her grandmother.
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After completing matric and moving to a big city, Johnson started experimenting with alcohol and then gave up his dreams of following a career.
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Bhekinkosi turned into a wild teenager who stole and disrespected others when he started drinking alcohol and smoking dagga in grade six.
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Abusing her new-found freedom as a university student, Ernah spent money recklessly and wasted three years of her life. After completing matric, she moved in with her aunt who lived in another province to study for a degree in Human Resources.