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Themba's addiction to alcohol, dagga and cigarettes turned him into a monster who physically and emotionally abused his live-in partner.
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After failing grade 10, Sipho decided to join a group of notorious boys who smoked hubbly-bubbly, drank alcohol and robbed people of their belongings.
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Sifiso became involved in the bad company of friends who introduced him to cigarettes and dagga when he was still in primary school.
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Persuaded by friends to drink alcohol, Phakamile later battled with an addiction that he could not quit for many years.
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When Lorato was in her teens, she started drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes for fun, but they turned into addictions which she battled to give up for 20 years.
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Committing to one partner was unthinkable for John who was addicted to alcohol and womanising for more than 10 years.