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Being married and having a job as well as his own home was a far-fetched dream for Nyameko who lived on the streets where he was involved in criminal activities. From the age of nine, Nyameko was a disobedient child who wanted to live his life as he pleased.
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Losing three babies through miscarriages in a period of three years made Thobile and her husband, Tumelo, believe that they were not going to have a child of their own.
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Battling to secure a job for five years after she qualified as an administrator and moving from one relationship to another made Judith believe she did not deserve to be happy.
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Being unable to conceive for six years after she was married left Sarah feeling humiliated and ashamed. She and her husband were already members of the Universal Church when they married.
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Using his faith as a teenager was a stepping stone for Jabulani who came to the Universal Church at the age of 12.
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Rebuilding her relationship with her mother and accepting her stepfather freed Andiswa from the anger and bitterness she harboured for many years.