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Xolani's dream of becoming a professional soccer player was shattered after his sister, who was the family breadwinner, passed away. He also became an emotional wreck.
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Maria had to drop out of school in grade five to care for her four siblings after her mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis and became bedridden.
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"Being raised by an unemployed grandmother in a big family of nine was the worst part of my life. We lived in one cramped room. I slept on the floor with my cousins while my grandmother and aunt shared the bed.
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Anger, bitterness and regrets filled Lerato after she misspent a large windfall and soon saw all her friends leaving her. She inherited a large sum of money after her husband passed away. To forget her loss and the loneliness she felt, Lerato spent all the money on new friends she made.
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For seven years Desmond was tormented by evil spirits, heard voices, had bad dreams and could not sleep at night.
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Losing four people she loved in a period of nine years was the most painful experience for Joana, who later lived in fear of death for many years.