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"It was only after I took part in the 21 Days Fast of Daniel that my spiritual life developed and my relationship with God became strong.
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Fikile was on the verge of leaving the Universal Church when the 21-days Fast of Daniel was introduced. She became discouraged and stopped praying after her daughter, who attended services with her, went astray in 2017.
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Molaeng's life turned into a series of painful events that started after she was sexually abused by a stranger while she was seven months pregnant. She gave birth to a premature baby which only lived for four months.
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Dating and having three children with a married man who only made empty promises to leave his wife drove Cheryl into a depression over her shameful life.
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Losing her father when she was two years old exposed Charlotte and her sister to a life of poverty and crime from an early age. Her mother abandoned the two girls five years after the passing of their father.
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Meeting her father for the first time when she was in high school made Qhawekazi hope that her life of abuse at the hands of her aunt would soon be a thing of a past.