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For four months after he arrived in Johannesburg, Dinis lived in an old car that was parked in a scrapyard. He left his home country because he wanted to find a job and help his struggling single mother who had eight other children to provide for.
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Being Teased and rejected by other learners at school because of her skin condition, left Nomagugu feeling ugly and she tried to commit suicide twice in a year. She developed pimples on her face when she was 11 years old.
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Mbali was able to heal from the deep scars of abuse only after she committed to God. She did not have a good childhood as she lived with different relatives who abused her emotionally.
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Nothing Albertine did, including dating many boys, helped her to overcome her inferiority complex.
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Trying to fit in with a group of friends in high school, Mbalenhle stopped attending church services at the Universal Church and bunked classes.
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"Physical and verbal abuse were part of life at home. I witnessed my mother being constantly beaten by my father. I was seven years old when my father started this abuse.