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"The arrival of a police vehicle saved me from an angry community group that wanted to see the end of me. I was a member of a notorious gang that broke into people's houses and stole goods when I was in grade 10.
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Lungile felt unable to deal with the loss of her mother and grandmother. She felt lonely and became angry towards her father who stopped providing for her.
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"My child's ill health was what brought me close to God because if it wasn't for his illness, I wouldn't have had an encounter with God or forgiven my ex-husband who physically abused me.
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It was after Lina attended a Good Friday event at Ellis Park Stadium that she was able to let go of grudges she had harboured towards her family, for many years.
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Attending the Amandla Ngawethu event at Ellis Park Stadium taught Alex to believe in himself and trust God in order to change his life.
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Witnessing her mother, who was physically abused at home in front of her, turned Puseletso into a bitter and angry child who later suffered from depression.