14 January 2020

The Distribution of the Oil from Mount Sinai

The Holy Oil has been a significant part of people's lives for thousands of years and, in biblical times, it was used to anoint people so that they could receive strength to overcome their problems.

It was one of God's ways of blessing His people through their faith in Him. God would accomplish the things that they could not, through His intervention. That is why you will use the Holy Oil as an expression of faith and God will make what you thought was impossible POSSIBLE!

Perhaps you are facing many problems and you do not know where to turn, or maybe you want to see an area of your life improve. Regardless of the scenario in which you find yourself, if you believe that God can change your situation, He will. Whether you have a great deal of faith or whether you have a small amount of faith, that faith itself can cause a complete change in your life.

The oil can be used for:

The sick

The emotionally distressed

Your loved ones and family

Your workplace

Things that represent difficulties

You will use the Holy Oil to anoint the things that represent the aspects of your life you would like to change, and you will ask God for what you want. This is your opportunity to ignite great changes in your life!

Many people have seen positive changes in different areas of their lives by using the Oil: Read about it