The Night Vigil of the Turnaround at The Holy Ground, Soweto - 31st December 2023


Wedding of Weddings 2023 - Holy Ground


Wedding of Weddings 2023 - Rustenburg


Wedding of Weddings 2023 - Vaal


Wedding of Weddings 2023 - Bloemfontein


Wedding of Weddings 2023 - Mafikeng


Wedding of Weddings 2023 - Welkom


Wedding of Weddings 2023 - George


Wedding of Weddings 2023


Mandela Day in SA


The Love Walk 2019


Youth Day 2019


Wedding of Weddings 2019


Night Vigil of the Valuable


Self Help Meeting


The Universal Church sends humanitarian aid to cyclone victims in Mozambique

Amandla Ngawethu + Plus


Night Vigil of Fire


Wedding of Weddings


Wedding Expo 2018


WiA in prison




National Women's Day Event


Mandela Day in PE


Good Friday Event


New beginning- Seven Sundays with the Ark of the Covenant


The Arrival of the Ark of Covenant in South Africa


Sunday of Power Park Station


Sunday of Power


The Night Vigil of Challenge


Godllywood School graduation


The opening of another Universal Church in Cosmo City


The inauguration of our new UNIVERSAL CHURCH in George, Western Cape


Last Self Help Meeting of 2017


Night Vigil of Power


12 Pastors are consecrated!


WiA visits Kgosi Mampuru Correctional Services in Pretoria


Blood Donation 2017 at the Universal Church


Women's day


Mandela Day 2017 at the Universal Church


Self Help Meeting




Amandla Ngawethu


Wedding Expo


Entrance of the Ark 2022


Women's Day 2022


Encounter of the Warriors 2022


Water of Great Miracles


Amandla Ngawethu 2023


Crusade of Miracles and Power