The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) is a contemporary, evangelical, biblically-based church, actively involved in numerous national outreach projects caring for people's spiritual, emotional and physical needs. The Church was established in 1977 by evangelist Pastor Edir Macedo, who saw the need to reach out to the poor and neglected, offering them practical support and spiritual guidance to help uplift and transform their lives.

The UCKG has churches in more than 30 African countries as well as all provinces throughout South Africa.

Events: Godllywood Self Help Meeting

The woman's role has changed over the years. Today, they have families, careers, goals, and schedules that are forever changing. As life progresses, women face challenges and unexpected situations. Exclusively for women, the Godllywood self-help meetings dive into all aspects of being a modern woman. Held once every three months, these meetings use effective examples and inspirational messages to reinforce how a modern woman can go above and beyond to achieve excellence. To start an amazing journey to become the best you can be and to develop the inner beauty that is waiting to be unveiled, attend these self-help meetings. Take the opportunity to become the woman you never thought you could be. If you would like more information please call our 24-hr helpline: 0861 330 320


Women in Action

A programme to help women work through the pain of their past which has enslaved their minds and keeps them thinking in "victim mentality" has been launched by Women in Action (WiA), a group of pastors' wives who are committed to helping people transform their lives through information and practical support and guidance..

Women in Action