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I harboured deep resentment towards my father and even wished ill upon him. We lived in a shack and it was not easy. There were nights we went to sleep on empty stomachs.
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In high school, I yearned for attention which led me to start dating. I became pregnant and made the difficult decision to have an abortion. Overwhelmed with guilt, I started to distance myself from the church, attending occasionally or not at all.
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As time passed, she offered her granddaughter the water from the well to drink, and it was then that a remarkable transformation occurred.
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Her brother, who was aware of her struggles, encouraged her to attend services in the Universal Church. She also participated in the chains of prayers in the Holy Ground, including Fridays for deliverance.
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From a young age, I yearned for approval from others. I often received hurtful comments about my skin tone which led to a lack of self-assurance and self-love.
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Despite my screams, no one came to my rescue, and he continued his assault with fists and feet before finally leaving me alone in the bush.