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There was no money for rent. We were very poor and I had to go to school with torn shoes and a dirty uniform and sometimes I went to school without bathing. My schoolwork was negatively affected
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I was already a member of the Universal Church. I started attending services with my mother when I was a toddler. However, I was not committed to God. I used to lie, gossip and I was also short-tempered
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I isolated myself from my mother because I was angry with her and also from my friends at school. I then developed suicidal thoughts. I believed that killing myself was the only solution to end my problems.
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I lived with my parents in a bachelor flat while my elder brother had his own place. My mother sold vegetables to help my father who earned too little to provide for our needs. I started working on weekends and used my salary for transport
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My father sent us money every month end so that my mother could buy food and other things we needed. We lacked nothing even though my father was the only one working. However, life became an uphill battle when my father was retrenched
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My disability used to depress me a lot. I was often mocked by people who were supposed to encourage me. I did not see a reason to live and I contemplated suicide. After some time, my mother passed on and I found out that she had been forbidden to visit me while she was still alive and that broke her heart