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For many years Ntombithini's life was filled with sorrow and fear when she was sexually abused three times in seven years.
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The physical and verbal abuse that Mirriam endured from her in-laws and her husband left her beaten and angry for 13 years.
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Nhlanhla's father's gruesome death left the 14-year-old boy hopeless and heartbroken. It was difficult for him to wake up every day and to face going to school.
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Narie's good deed in taking her niece out of a rural school to give her good education left her feeling betrayed and heartbroken. After barely a month, she found out that her husband was having an affair with her niece.
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Abusing her new-found freedom as a university student, Mbali spent her weekends partying with friends, despite being a member of the Universal Church. After completing matric, she moved to another province to study for a degree in public administration.
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"Growing up, my mother and I lived in a family house with my grandparents who physically and emotionally abused us. My mother was working, but she could not buy clothes or food for us because she was forced to give my grandparents her salary.