Women In Action


The Women in Action (WiA) workforce comprises pastors’ wives who are committed to using their time, talent, experience and training to transform the lives of others. They partner with established organisations and contribute towards social upliftment initiatives, education and empowerment through national campaigns and projects.

WiA was launched on 9 May 2009 in Soweto and has already established a reliable reputation for being a powerful, positive, relevant and effective catalyst for change.

Wherever we go, we take action…and lives change.

Cancer Awareness

The scourge of physical, sexual, verbal and psychological abuse against adults and children is an important cause championed by WiA.

WiA offer counselling, support and guidance and share personal testimonies to help people break the silence and acceptance of destructive situations. There is always hope and a way out, because WiA counsellors walk alongside those who have fallen victim to abuse and empowers many to have a voice and begin the healing process.

Programmes offered by WiA help women work through the pain of their past and help them rebuild and transform their lives.

Trauma Counselling

WiA run several cancer awareness programmes throughout the year, and host a weekly cancer support group called It’s All About You. Important partnerships with organisations such as CANSA, CHOC and UICC assist WiA to achieve its objective of bringing awareness on the different aspects of the disease to cities and remote areas alike, to empower women with knowledge on the subject, thus dismantling myths and transferring valuable information, for women to make informed decisions when faced with this disease, in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones.

WiA cancer supporters visit oncology wards in several hospitals across the country every week, offering support to those visiting the wards.

WiA get involved, participate and empower.