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Losing her mother when she was 14-years-old, as well as an uncle two years later, left Ongeziwe with a void that nothing was able to fill until she committed to God.
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Katlego's life took a different direction after she attended the Universal Church's Good Friday Event at Ellis Park Stadium in 2017. She found inner healing from the pain of losing her mother, stopped dating many men and overcame her addiction to pornography.
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After he lost his second job, his wife and his friends, Zola felt lonely and slipped into a depression that made him suicidal.
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Rose lived with fear and depression after she was repeatedly sexually abused by a relative when she was 14 years old.
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"My father lived with another woman while my mother raised me and my siblings by herself. He only came home when it suited him. I didn't enjoy his presence because he was physically abusive towards my mother.
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Faith was left angry and humiliated after she was physically abused by her boyfriend who even tried to shoot her.