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I later got married but I was anxious. I had anger issues and low self-esteem. I also had a lot of debts. In 2020, I lost my mother and husband. The following year, my father passed on. I realised that I could not live without God’s presence.
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I left my job and found another one, only to face a predicament with the revenue services. They claimed that I had not filed my taxes and started deducting money, plunging me back into financial hardship. I had to endure a two-hour walk to and from work, but even that couldn't dampen my joy.
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Although Mpho was blessed with a good job and also got married, his marriage encountered great difficulties which led to a divorce. Feeling lost and confused, he stopped attending services in the church. It was after a deep introspection that he realised he could not live without God and decided to go back to the church.
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When I got married, I was short-tempered and my children were often on the receiving end. I beat them up. Things became worse when I fell ill. I was bedridden and had no strength to do anything. I plunged into depression.
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Rachel and her grandmother Agnes are living proof of the transformative power of faith. Through attending the chains of prayers at the Holy Ground and steadfastly believing in God, their lives have been completely transformed.
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I looked for a job for a long time but nothing was working out. I became frustrated and started drinking excessively as an attempt to forget my problems. I became angry and had no peace. I always fought with people.