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Greed drove Vusimuzi, a technician, to turn to crime which landed him in prison.
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Battling to secure a permanent job for five years left Amina without hope. She had five children to provide for and her financial difficulties stressed her so much that she turned to alcohol, dagga and cigarettes for comfort.
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Khanyiswa saw suicide as the only way to escape the pain of being rejected by her father. She was already attending services at the Universal Church when she became a disrespectful child at home and later attempted suicide.
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Learning about her husband's infidelity and the two children he fathered outside their marriage left Rose angry and bitter. After seven years of marriage, Rose's husband started going out on weekends and coming home late at night.
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"It was only after I took part in the 21 Days Fast of Daniel that my spiritual life developed and my relationship with God became strong.
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Fikile was on the verge of leaving the Universal Church when the 21-days Fast of Daniel was introduced. She became discouraged and stopped praying after her daughter, who attended services with her, went astray in 2017.