18 September 2023 0 likes
I was unemployed and had lost a lot money due to my gambling addiction. I constantly lived in fear of encountering law enforcement officers. I attempted various methods to improve my situation, seeking help in different places, but nothing seemed to work.
18 September 2023 0 likes
My family and I lived in poverty. Our cramped two-bedroomed house housed many people, but there was no income as no one there had a job.
16 August 2023 0 likes
The weight of my circumstances pushed me to contemplate suicide as the only way out. Believing death would put an end to my suffering, I locked myself in a bathroom, consumed pills, and hoped to fade away. However, my sister discovered my attempt and rushed to save me, giving me milk to neutralise the pills.
02 August 2023 0 likes
Growing up, my sister was always negative towards me and that affected me. I struggled with low self-esteem and I felt empty inside. I did not believe in myself and I wanted people to validate everything that I did.
02 August 2023 0 likes
I had two children to care for, but my illness made it extremely challenging. The burden became so overwhelming that I even contemplated ending my own life. However, the thought of leaving my children alone and unsupported prevented me from taking such a drastic step.
27 July 2023 0 likes
We got married and everything was going well until my husband became abusive. He did not love and care for me. He often told me that I was useless. He once kicked me and beat me so badly that I did no see a way out of my abusive marriage. I wanted to get drunk and throw myself in front of a moving car.