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Being in the same grade with my cousin who was a top achiever while I battled with my studies made me suffer from self-esteem in my teen years.
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Moving from one relative to another after she lost her mother at the age of 13 forced Sinqobile to leave school and face a life of deep pain and abuse.
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Believing that her mother loved her sister more than her, Zodwa weakened spiritually and drifted away from the presence of God.
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Losing his mother when he was 16 and coping with the family feud that developed created unbearable pain for Buhle. "A year after we buried my mother, my stepfather took everything and my siblings and I had to move to a house that my mother had built.
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I was always taken as the rejected one. My mother would openly say that she did not love me, so everyone rejected me as well.
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For many years Ntombithini's life was filled with sorrow and fear when she was sexually abused three times in seven years.