11 May 2021 0 likes
My friends were nowhere to be found and I was all alone. When I told my mother about the pregnancy, she was very disappointed in me. I felt like the world had completely stopped. I was hopeless. With everything that was going on, I became very depressed and wanted to end my life. I wanted to free my parents from the embarrassment
15 December 2020 0 likes
“From primary school I was a low performing student. My siblings did way better than me and they received awards.
17 November 2020 0 likes
Waking from a suicide attempt was the scariest thing ever to happen to Boitumelo. That incident was what impelled him to change his wrong ways and surrender his life to God.
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From the age of 11, Godfrey and his two siblings had to learn to fend for themselves and become involved in criminal activities to put food on the table.
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Aged only seven years, Thembelani had to choose between his mother, who battled to provide for ve children, and an absent father who had money but chose not to spend it on his children.
16 March 2020 1 likes
Overwhelmed by anger, Tracy looked for a hitman to kill the father of her two children, whom she suspected of shooting her boyfriend.