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Nontobeko almost lost her greatest wish through bitterness and harbouring grudges against her father who had abandoned her after her mother passed away.
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For over three years, I was in an abusive relationship where I was constantly told that no other man was going to love me with a child.
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The pain of being cheated on by the man I loved and trusted felt like my heart was pierced by a sharp object. It left me bitter and depressed for ten years.
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Losing her mother when she was eight years old made Winile believe that no one would love her the same way her mother did.
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George and Malichaba's marriage was on the verge of divorce when they were invited to the Universal Church in 2012. She learnt about her husband's infidelities after six months of marriage.
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"My dream of becoming a teacher was shattered after I impregnated my girlfriend while I was in matric. I joined my cousin in another city to look for a job. I lost contact with my girlfriend and that was how our relationship ended. She gave our four-month-old baby to my mother because she was unemployed.