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For 10 years Selamiso remained in the same position and earned the same salary while she was made to train new employees in the company
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Hearing my father telling people that he wanted to shoot himself when he learnt that my mother was pregnant with me and noticing how he never took on his fatherly responsibilities confirmed that he did not love me.
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Despite having a professional job, Grace did not enjoy the financial freedom she dreamt of nor the dignity she thought she should have. She was tangled up in debts, unable to take care of her only child and had to ask for help from her relatives who had low-paying jobs.
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Matshidiso resigned her job as a primary school teacher after 16 years to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, but things did not work out as she planned.
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Being unable to secure a job after he graduated with a higher certificate in advertising turned Michael into an emotional wreck and a loner.
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Jeffrey was encouraged to dream again after he started attending services at the Universal Church. He became frustrated and discouraged after he completed matric, but could not further his studies.