10 October 2023 1 likes
Growing up in an impoverished family with an unemployed father led to significant hardships for Khuthaza. At the age of 19, he left his home country and relocated to South Africa where he met his wife.
02 August 2023 0 likes
After my father passed on, I could not finish school because no one paid my school fees. I later moved to South Africa in search for a job. I struggled to find a job because I did not know how to read, write or speak in English. After a while, my friend found me a job at a panel beating shop. I was a cleaner there and I was also learning how to fix cars.
27 July 2023 0 likes
The idea of not having to pay rent was a relief, but the shack was located near a dumping site, which became a nightmare. Rats came from the site, and our door could not fully close, allowing them to enter. I resorted to using a cloth to block the opening, but it was a difficult and unsettling situation.
11 July 2023 0 likes
After matriculating, I furthered my studies in a tertiary institution. Around that time, I lost interest in going to church. I preferred being with my friends. I started drinking alcohol and smoking dagga.
06 July 2023 0 likes
I enrolled at a tertiary institution, but had to drop out because of financial difficulties. I could not afford my tuition fees. I applied for jobs in various places but nothing worked. I was unemployed for more than five years.
12 June 2023 2 likes
My father passed away when I was five years old and my mother was a domestic worker. She struggled to make ends meet until she retired. My older sister had to take care of us. I dropped out of school in grade 11 to look for a job to take care of my family.