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Working for a small salary prevented Moffat from making progress and made it difficult to provide for his family. He moved in with his girlfriend after they had their first child because he thought it would be easy for him to provide for them when they lived together.
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Being raised by a single mother who depended on temporary jobs to provide for her four children subjected Caroline to a life of shame when she was in high school. She was the only one in her group of friends who ate at the school's feeding scheme.
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Thapelo had a taste of higher learning for a year, but from there he battled to secure a permanent job for over three years. However, it took only one month of committing to God, for his life to change.
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"Taking part in the Campaign of Israel changed my life. I lost my job after four years and could not provide for myself. I also could not afford to pay rent for the room I rented.
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Only after Isaac took part in the Campaign of Israel was he able to recover all he had lost and enjoy spending time with his family. He was already a member at the Universal Church when he crashed his car.
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Stephen was unemployed and lived with his partner when he started attending the services at the Universal Church and later took part in the Campaign of Israel.