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Being unable to secure a job for three years, even though she had three qualifications from different institutions, left Ntebatse in despair.
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Fighting with his mother, drinking alcohol and smoking dagga ended after Siyabonga attended services at the Universal Church and saw a need to rebuild his broken life in 2002.
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It was after Sibongile was invited to the Universal Church that she was encouraged to start her own business. She battled to secure a permanent job for over five years
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Never again did Themba think about killing himself or battle with hatred after he was invited to attend services at the Universal Church and committed his life to God in 2016.
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Motlatsi saw a complete turnaround in his life after he started attending services at the Universal Church where he learnt how to use his faith to change his circumstances.
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Unable to provide for herself and her two-year-old daughter, pushed Konzeka to start dating for financial stability.