30 June 2021 0 likes
I was always negative about my life and anyone who tried to help me. I was filled with anger because I felt unloved by my father after he abandoned the family
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I isolated myself from people and as a result, I had suicidal thoughts. I had a huge void inside me. I thought I was worthless and life was not worth living. In order to distract myself from what I was going through, I started taking in a lot of caffeine. I drank coffee three times a day, but that was not enough as I also took energy drinks to get through the day
21 May 2021 0 likes
I then sought comfort with friends, going to parties, drinking alcohol, smoking dagga and I later became addicted. To feed my addiction, I even sold my clothes. Drinking and smoking was what shifted my focus away from my father. However, when I was sober, I became sad and felt unworthy.  As a result, I wanted to kill myself.
15 April 2020 0 likes
Nkosinathi knew he needed help to health challenge for me and I started I overcame my break free from his addictions after he started experiencing chest pains and breathing problems.
25 March 2020 0 likes
Mbali moved from one relationship to another in order to feed an addiction to pornography that started when she 16 years old.
25 March 2020 0 likes
Nothing mattered to me after I started drinking alcohol in my teens.