18 September 2023 0 likes
I was trapped in a cycle of despair, feeling as though death would be a better option. I longed for something that could alleviate my pain.
16 August 2023 0 likes
My life began spiralling out of control, and even after finishing school, I continued smoking while looking for a job in Johannesburg. Having money made it easier to fuel my addiction.
27 July 2023 0 likes
That accident was enough to make me realise that my reckless lifestyle would inevitably lead me to premature death or imprisonment. Unfortunately, just two months after the incident, I faced another devastating blow as my mother passed away. I was unemployed around that time.
06 July 2023 0 likes
I knew my lifestyle was detrimental to my wellbeing and I wanted to quit smoking, but I could not. I slipped into depression because I did not know how I could break free from my addiction.
06 July 2023 0 likes
My academic studies were negatively affected because even when I was at school, I only thought about my problems. I became dejected. I started watching pornography as a way of distracting myself.
27 June 2023 0 likes
I recall an incident when I pointed a knife at my sister and threatened to kill her. I was easily annoyed and when I fought with people, I did not stop until I saw blood.