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Substance abuse turned Pamella into an irresponsible mother who later became suicidal.
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Wanting to belong to the popular group in high school, Bongani saved his pocket money to contribute towards alcohol and cigarette purchases.
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Russell turned into a wild teenager who disrespected others when he started drinking alcohol and smoking dagga at the age of 16 years. He also stole from his uncle who provided financially for him.
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Abuse of her new-found freedom turned Maria into a pregnant teenager who was heavily addicted to alcohol.
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Abram's addiction to alcohol put him on the wrong side of the law and almost cost him his life and that of his two friends. He was so addicted to alcohol that he headed straight to the taverns after work every day.
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Unable to deal with the pain of losing his mother and being rejected by his father, Josiah looked for comfort in alcohol and then robbed people to get extra cash. His mother passed away when he was 16 years old.