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Nothando only turned to the Universal Church for help after she was discharged from hospital where she received four months' treatment for overdosing on drugs.
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"I was 15 years old when I was introduced to watching pornography and I soon became so addicted to it that I woke up at midnight to watch it. I muted the television set in my room so that no one could hear the sounds.
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From the age of 16, Lerato drank alcohol and lived a reckless life that became a hindrance to her studies. She eventually dropped out in grade 10.
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Marcus was in an isolation ward at a hospital after he overdosed on drugs and he asked God to save him and give him a second chance in life.
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From the age of 11, Santos was already finding ways to fend for himself and this later led to his alcohol addiction. His father went back to the country of his origin before Santos was born and his mother left him when he was just an infant.
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Tumelo only realised that his addiction to alcohol was leading to destruction and loneliness after he lost his job and his family.