27 June 2023 0 likes
I recall an incident when I pointed a knife at my sister and threatened to kill her. I was easily annoyed and when I fought with people, I did not stop until I saw blood.
27 June 2023 0 likes
In an attempt to forget the problems at home, I started drinking alcohol with my friends. I drank every weekend and became addicted.
26 June 2023 0 likes
I was a womaniser and an alcoholic. I had a good job and salary but I did not see where my money was going because I spent it all on alcohol. I could not sleep without drinking alcohol. I drank excessively everyday.
26 June 2023 0 likes
I also had sores under feet. I went to the doctors several times but they could not diagnose what condition I had. I started drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and dagga to try to lessen the pain I was feeling.
03 August 2022 300 likes
I wanted to commit suicide because I felt ashamed of myself. It was humiliating to face people. I mixed two packets of rat poison with alcohol and I drank it, but I did not die. I also drank 35 tablets and still did not die.
03 August 2022 1 likes
Smoking dagga seemed to be the only way for John to escape his problems until he learnt about the power of faith and how it could transform his life.