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In search of comfort after losing his mother when he was 17, Thabiso started drinking alcohol heavily and soon became addicted to it.
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Breaking free of his addiction after16 years was the greatest thing ever to happen to Jack who was on the verge of losing his marriage and was battling financially. He started drinking alcohol when he was 20 years old, a habit which continued even after he married and had five children.
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Addiction to dagga turned Mishack into a heartless person and reckless junkie. He started smoking dagga with his friends when he was 15 years old and soon became addicted to it.
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Despite being raised by a strict father and going to a good school, Shadrack still fell into the wrong path in life.
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Vuyo was on the verge of leaving school after failing two grades when he realised that he needed help for his addiction to alcohol. After he lost his mother at the age of 10, Vuyo was raised by his elder sister who was already working.
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Breaking up with the father of her son who had promised to marry her left Lima with painful memories and scars that took more than 15 years to heal. She dated him when she was in her 20s and they had a child after five years.