21 November 2017

Godllywood Self Help teaches that when a decision to follow God's Word is made, lives change

The final meeting of Godllywood Self Help explored the age old question of why many women feel unfulfilled despite having achieved success in different areas of their lives.

Held in Johannesburg, the meeting was live streamed to all provinces and to neighbouring African countries. At each meeting speakers offer guidance and insights to help people identify areas where change will transform their lives. Godllywood Self Help's purpose it to enable women to become fulfilled Godly women who are examples to inspire others to follow their example and make changes in their lives.

Hostess and speaker Marcia Pires opened the meeting by saying that many women feel incomplete and don't understand why they are not seeing changes in their lives. They keep asking "why?" when in fact, they hold the key to fulfillment themselves.

Two members of Godllywood, a group within the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God which mentors women through different programmes, shared testimonies of their personal transformation. Both women have been long standing members of the Universal Church and had received information on how to live a Godly life on numerous occasions, but both felt something was missing and wondered where they were going wrong and why they had problems in their marriages. In fact they considered leaving the Church and the Godllywood group as "it just wasn't working for them".

Their lives changed when they acknowledged that their behaviour and attitude were causing the problems, because they were not practicing what they had learned through God's Word. Both women were making decisions without considering or consulting their husbands and were taking control of everything related to the running of their homes. The women felt disappointment and experienced betrayal and frustrations, feeling they had to take the lead because they could not count on their husbands. Their husbands felt excluded and withdrew as they felt inadequate. This distance resulted in a communication breakdown.

In time, the women acknowledged that they were not humble, were too independent, took the lead in everything and found fault and criticised their husbands rather than working with them. Their behaviour was driving their husbands away. The turning point came when they accepted they needed to live according to God's guidance and do things His way rather than live to please themselves. Both women realised they had to change first. They forgave themselves for their pride and began to understand why their husbands had withdrawn. They embraced their Godly roles as wives and mothers and enabled their husbands to be the head of the household which is their God-given role. Their marriages changed completely.

Marcia Pires summarised, saying that although members of the Universal Church have access to a Bible and can read God's word as well as attend meetings where they are given advice and guidance on how to live according to God's will, many people do not put into practice what they have heard. Their selfish behaviour goes against the natural order of things and results in chaos. Despite their achievements they feel frustrated, stressed and unhappy. This is because they are out of line with God's purpose.

The Bible contains valuable wisdom recorded in Luke 6:3:  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. This is one of God's commands. Marcia Pires said: "If we live according to this principle we stop thinking about ourselves and try to live in a way that will benefit others. We should strive to be a drop of honey in someone's life rather than a drop of bitterness."

She continued: "We cannot achieve happiness through our own strength. We need to admit that we have been proud and selfish and make a decision to listen to God’s instructions and follow them."

Giving an example of a strong woman from the Bible, Marcia Pires spoke about Leah who could have been bitter and angry about her circumstances, but chose to honour her role as Jacob’s first wife even though she knew she was not beautiful and was not the one he loved. She did not allow her feelings to dictate her attitude but obeyed the Word of God. She lived a life of faith and truth and was honoured by God, bearing Jacob sons whose descendants established the house of Israel.

In conclusion, Marcia Pires said: It is a personal choice whether we choose to follow the Biblical instructions which are there for our protection, or whether we decide to do things our way and suffer the inevitable consequences. She encouraged the women to make the decision to make today a turning point in their lives. She said: "Live as Leah did, embrace God’s way and make His Word the foundation of your life. Your attitude and values will change, you will find peace and complete fulfillment and your life will be transformed."

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